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Decorative Insert Bags – same function, more flare! This set includes two insert bags: one large with three white buttons across the back and one small with two white buttons. Simply snap the buttons on the back of the insert bags into any free hole on your Bogg® Bag – inside or outside – to keep smaller items within easy reach.

The large insert bag expands to accommodate approximately 2.5", perfect for items like your cell phone, book, keys, or an 8oz bottle of lotion. Meanwhile, the small insert bag expands to approximately 1.5", ideal for smaller essentials such as your phone, change, cards, ID, or chapstick.

Installing and removing the insert bags is a breeze – just push them through any hole you choose. To remove, use your thumb to push them back through the hole. Remember, the white snaps should not be unsnapped for installation or removal.

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