Love Bug Valentine Ladybug Gnome

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The qualities of this plush ladybug gnome make it proper as a gift for Valentine’s Day or other special dates. The gnome is dressed with red, black and white colors, typical in ladybugs. It holds a plush heart with the phrase “Love Bug,” and has two decorative pieces of these insects on its hat. These and other features make it nice as decoration or as a ladybug gift. * The plush material and the heart it is holding make the gnome an ideal Valentine's Day gift. Those features are part of that day's essence, although the gnome is also nice for other occasions. * This ladybug-themed gnome and/or decorative piece is nice for interior décor. It can be placed on mantels, countertops, dining tables, or any other type of surface.

8.66" x 6.69" x 20.47" Plush

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