Lucky St. Patrick's Day Gnome

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St. Patrick’s Day is coming and along with it comes the beautiful green decoration with the lucky symbols. One way to welcome the day and to welcome people to commemorate is by adding St. Patrick’s décor in your front porch, yard or in your living room. This beautiful Gnome is perfect for welcoming the day and the people, inspiring them with the Irish spirit that comes with this feast day. * Ideal for St. Patrick’s Day: Although this Gnome (also known as Tomte and Nisse) can be used as a permanent home décor, it’s perfect to be shown in St. Patrick’s Day. The word "Lucky", the green color, orange hair and the whimsy aspect totally match with the Irish spirit that the occasion evokes. * Great gift idea: Nobody will complain about a piece that beautifies your house at that special occasion. Surprise your friends, family, teachers, bosses, coworkers, neighbors and students with this everyday practical and beautiful gift.

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