MJ Narvik Earrings - Silver

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Genuine Salmon Leather, an eco-friendly exotic made from by-products of the seafood industry

Sterling Silver links & ear wires
Swarovski Crystal, Freshwater Pearl accents
Length: 2.5” (measured from top of ear wire to bottom of earring)
Handcrafted with pride in Cape Charles, VA
If you love larger earrings, but are sensitive to the weight, this is the style for you! Handmade in the USA using our exotic Salmon Leather, these unique earrings have plenty of style, without pulling your ear lobes. This vibrantly colored pair has just the right amount of sparkle to capture attention, and you're sure to get lots of compliments on these statement earrings.
This style is one of our designer's favorites, she has created them to softly frame the face for a look that's flattering to all face shapes. These earrings are mirror images of each other (so there is actually a left and right earring). They frame the face best when worn with the longer edge of the leather next to the cheek. No worries, if you can't remember which is which– just try them on, look in the mirror, then switch the earrings, and see which way you like best!
Care for these one-of-a-kind earrings is very simple. Simply wipe the leather with a soft cloth, and if you need to polish the metals at the top, just use a polishing cloth with a light touch.

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